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Hourly Rates and charges

When we quote to complete a piece of work, this is based on how long the work will take at the hourly rate of the person completing the project.

There may be ad hoc queries that need answering in a small time frame. These are often then invoiced at hourly rates rather than a fixed fee, which is covered in your engagement letter. Whilst we don’t start the clock as soon as there is a phone call of course, we do record our time to make sure we are been efficient and that quotes are accurate. It also helps record any changes to the scope of work or any additional queries and advice.

Our hourly rates from 1st April 2022 are as follows:

Staff Compliance rate Advisory rate
Ben Gander 60 200
Nicky Gander 60 150
CTA qualified 60 120
Other technical 60 80
Support 20 20

All rates are exclusive of VAT.

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