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We have developed a number of factsheets, setting out the areas of tax that we deal with most often but are by no means exclusive. They  highlight the situations where advice may be required or may help to mitigate tax.

Please note: The attached factsheets and the content within them are purely for information and set out the principles of certain taxation topics. Whilst we attempt to ensure that they are up to date, given the speed at which tax law changes, this is not always possible. They should not be relied on for carrying out any tax planning, compliance or associated actions and professional advice should always be sought.  Gander Tax Services Limited accepts no responsibility for any actions taken based on these factsheets or planning ideas.

Please feel free to have a browse through and if you have any questions or feel you may benefit from some advice from us, please contact us on


Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings Factsheet

Enterprise Investment Scheme Factsheet

Enterprise Managment Incentive Factsheet

Entrepreneurs Relief Factsheet

Employee Related Securities Factsheet

Inheritance Tax Factsheet

Principal Private Residence Factsheet

Residency and Domicile Factsheet

Seed EIS Factsheet

Trusts Factsheet

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